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€20 p.p.
Smooth star training for surfers
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For over 14 years SmoothStar has been known to Australian Surfers as the best surf training product outside the water. However, unless you have tried a SmoothStar, it is hard to understand why it feels so much like surfing. The SmoothStar surf trainer replicates the surf feel because the front truck has a special turning device called the SmoothStar Thruster. The Thruster makes the front of the board loose so the board can turn and drive off the back trucks – the same as you would with surfboard rails and fins… the feel is “rail-to-rail” surfing on land. It is necessary to have a basic level of skateboard skills to be able to use the Smoothstar surf trainers. 

We run training workshops at the pool in Velsen Noord. We can tailor programs to suit your learming needs. For example

  • round house cutback training
  • back side/frontside bottom turns
  • speed creation

€20 p.p.


  • use of Smoothstar trainer
  • protective equipment
  • 1 instructor to 5 students
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