The Carver

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€100 P.P.
3 Lesson package deal
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We recommend you take at least 3 lessons to get a good understanding of all the basics. The Carver card entitles you to book 3 x 2 hr lessons, it is valid for the whole season and you may plan the lessons to suit yourself. The card is valid only for the card holder.

You can also use this card for our Level 2 lessons!

When you purchase a Hotdogger you will receive thorough instruction on the basic skills of surfing:

  • surf material
  • surf safety 
  • negotiating waves
  • paddle technique
  • the pop-up
  • down the line 

€95,00 P.P.


  • 3 x 1.5 hr surf lessons
  • wetsuit and surfboard
  • profesional and enthousiatic instructors
  • a lot of fun
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